Oxygen Forensic® Certification

The Oxygen Forensic® Certification (OFC) is designed to validate knowledge, skills, and competence with Oxygen Forensic® Detective, the flagship technology of Oxygen Forensics, Inc.

The Certification exam can be accessed through the Oxygen Forensics Learning Management System (LMS). Applicants will be given 180 minutes to complete the exam and allowed the use of supplied datasets and Oxygen Forensic® Detective. Certifications are valid for one year.

The certification does not require a fee.

Certification Maintenance

To maintain the OFC credential, certified users will have 12 months from their certification to present 24 hours of verifiable attendance or completion of any of the following combination of options:

  • Oxygen Forensics Training courses
  • Oxygen Forensics Training webinars
  • Oxygen Forensics Knowledge Nuggets
  • Oxygen Forensics Conference presentations
  • Oxygen Forensics Capture The Flag Training events

For a quick tutorial on how to access these materials, watch the video below.

The LMS makes certification maintenance easy. To enroll, please click HERE and send an email to training@oxygen-forensic.com to request enrollment into the certification maintenance course selection. Simply login, accrue hours, and our LMS will keep track of your progress. OFC maintenance is valid for one year.


For more information about the OFC process, contact us.