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Detective Network

Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network is a cost-efficient solution for organizations with multiple users and remote workstations. The Network license has all the Detective features included. You can extract data from multiple sources, analyze it using the built-in analytical tools, and make a report. Besides that, the Network license offers additional functionality:

  • This is a server-based solution. One computer, running the Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network software with a single USB Network dongle manages all the connections. You can choose how many concurrent connections you need. Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network is distributed in 5, 10, 20, and 50 concurrent connections. The software counts only workstations using Oxygen Forensic® Detective concurrently; not every PC where it is installed.
  • Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network allows both local and Internet connections. You are not limited to only using Oxygen Forensic® Detective in a lab. You can smoothly connect to the Network server from any part of the world.
  • With Oxygen Forensic® Detective Network the administrator or expert can create a regular dongle, checking out a license for a set number of days, and you can take the dongle to places that might not have access to the remote license server, for example, in the field.
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