Academic Program

Oxygen Forensics is the leading developer of some of the most advanced mobile forensic technology in the world. Driven by our mission to help good people make the world safer, we are dedicated to delivering the most effective and innovative tools and education to our customers.

Toward that goal, we want to extend a unique opportunity to academia by providing a turn-key program to allow Oxygen Forensic® Detective education to become part of any existing program.


As an Academic Program Partner, your students will have access to a full educational version of our Oxygen Forensic® Detective software. Students will be able to analyze data, explore our analytic tools, and develop custom reports while enhancing their future skillsets with a leading edge mobile forensic technology.

What's included to support the program:

  • Network licenses for up to 15 students
  • Academic Program Instructor e-Manual
  • Academic Program Student e-Manuals
  • Data sets for included labs
  • 1 Oxygen Forensic® Boot Camp (OFBC) remote training course voucher for instructor

An Academic Program Partner professor | instructor is expected to certify their knowledge with the Oxygen Forensic® Detective certification process prior to delivering Oxygen Forensic® Detective training. Details of that certification process are provided during OFBC course attendance (available via the supplied OFBC training course voucher).

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